Elevation music

The Organ

The organ of the Basilica of the Tibidabo was constructed between the year 1977 and 1989 by Gabriel Blancafort i París, in its Collbató workshop.

The pedal of 30 notes consists of three manual keyboards of 56 more notes. Every keyboard works like an independent organ, which can be connected to the others. This way the first keyboard called  Positive, consists of 8 stops; the second, called Great Organ, it consists of 10, and the third, called Recitative or Swell it consists of 8 stops. The keyboard of Pedal, distributed in two “towers” to every side of the great organ consists of 10 stops. It is provided, then, with a whole of 36 stops and an approximate whole of 2200 pipes. The transmission system is completely mechanical, and the sonorous esthetics, neobarroca.

The organ of the Basilica of the Tibidabo is considered to be one of the best of Barcelona.

  1. J.S. Bach - Jesu bleibet meine freude 3:43
  2. George Friedrich Händel - Gloria In Excelsis Deo 1:50
  3. Clérambault - Récit de Nazard 3:09
  4. Trumpet Tune and Air - H.Purcell 2:11

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